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“If the rug gets pulled out from under you, buy a new rug.”
-Michele Malo, The Change CEO

Many of us over the past couple of years have been dealt some hard blows from sickness, to losing jobs or even businesses. It is also the time to look at this as a blessing or gift.

Now is the time for reinvention, a chance to change the path in front you. An opportunity to follow your passion and redefine your next chapter. The old rug was tattered and torn, stained but comfortable and safe.

I want to be the person who helps you buy that new rug. Walking side by side with you to rediscover all your passions and to help you define your purpose. You have skills that are transferable, brandable, and viable. It is time to step into your greatness.

Are you ready to buy the new rug?


Resume and Cover Letter Development

If you are looking for career advancement or looking to follow your passion, it is imperative that you reposition your skills, your transferable skills so you can find your dream job. Plus, you need to get past the dreaded ATS system.

We will do a deep dive to get to the root of your passions and skills and then I will rewrite your resume and cover letter get your foot in the door. This is only step one…


LinkedIn Optimization

In our electronic world your social media presence is key to building your personal brand. This is crucial to building up credibility and trust, social proof backs up your experience. I will do a full audit of your social media to ensure it is in line with your personal brand messaging. I will also do a full audit of your LinkedIn and optimize it based on your goals, to promote profile views and position it as a powerful tool for your job search.


Interview Preparation

The ability to express yourself confidently and succinctly is a top deciding factor when employers are looking to hire. I will take you through the process of writing your STAR stories that will take your experiences and break them down into the Situation, Tactics, Actions and Results. You should have at least 5-7 STAR stories at the ready so you can tackle any interview question.

Content Menu

Content Menu

Your content and message need to be heard. You have a message, but writing is not necessarily something you enjoy. I will take over your content writing from newsletters to email, to social media posts. Taking your ideas and creating impactful marketing messages.

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The Business Start-Up Menu

Have you always had a business idea, a passion, a product that you know the world needs? This is the perfect time to pursue that idea. I will be right by your side as I will take my 20 years of corporate brand management experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft, Kellogg’s and Barilla, along with over ten years of entrepreneurial experience to get your idea to market. Helping you from proof of concept to the business and marketing plan to market execution. Let’s see if your product, your service, your idea is monetizable and make sure you are never left feeling just “what if.”


Mastermind Group

Your network and who you surround yourself with will determine your net worth and success. There is power in proximity, an art to connecting as success can be measured by the company you keep.  As Napoleon Hill said, the author of Think and Grow Rich, “The Master Mind principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.” This is the fire behind the Mastermind Group, Bringing the Heat.  Moving away from what’s comfortable and utilizing your peers for guidance. Members have the opportunity to accelerate their businesses and see personal, transformative growth within themselves.

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